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Jordan Gendelman

After 31 years of longevity in the Palm Beach area (and anywhere else his clients have homes), Jordan finds himself at the top of the game.  He’s done it all at least twice, and it is always looking for the next interior design challenge.  Right now Jordan is using his knowledge and experience to guide the next generation of top designers while they work under his wing.  “I love teaching and mentoring.  And It’s important for me to also learn from my up and coming partners. We help each other stay evolved, sharp, and focused on new ideas.”  

Mark believes in different, out of the box thinking when it comes to re-imagining your space.  But his big ideas don’t always mean big projects.  Sometimes a pop of colour (especially orange, Mark’s signature design colour) is all you need to change everything. 

If you desire something different, Mark is your man. With his talented team behind him, your home can become “art to live in.”

Jordan sums up his design philosophy by saying, “great design has to express individuality.  It needs to feel warm; it needs to be functional; it needs to feel like home.  I want your space to be lived in.  I want it to be comfortable and inspiring.  But, most of all, I want you to walk in and say, ‘Wow! This looks like a magazine!’”

Jordan Gendelman Jordan Gendelman
October 9, 2018

Jordan Gendelman addresses anticipated festive interior trends for Christmas 2018

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Jordan Gendelman
September 4, 2018

Jordan Gendelman looks at “color of the year” forecasts for 2019

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